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Community - System Options.

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RF system:


With the RF system your chosen channels are fed into the existing community cable network.
The signals from a satellite dish are fed to a bank of digital receivers, (one for each channel), each receiver is then connected to its own modulator which converts the signal to RF and integrates it into existing system.
This means that each apartment/villa simply retunes in the television to receive the new channel selection.
The advantages to this system are that all nationalities can easily be catered for i.e. English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, and more, which makes it popular with community funded projects, also there is no need to run any additional cables around the complex.
This system can be updated with extra channels, or channels changed at anytime.

Multiswitch system:


The multiswitch system works differently to the RF system, every apartment/villa will require a direct connection to the satellite dish via a series of multiswitches, this will involve a new cable being installed for every connection from the nearest multiswitch, wherever possible this is done internally through the community conduits so none of the cables are visible. Every connection will require their own compatible receiver and card if required.
The advantages to this system are that individuals have access to the full range of channels available in Spain and are responsible for their own viewing selection, be it free to air, or the full subscription package, this can greatly reduce the amount of individual dishes around a complex.

Rental system:

Both of the above systems can also be supplied on a rental basis, this could be advantageous to projects which can not receive community funding. MENNYFIX will supply, install, and maintain the systems for a very reasonable monthly fee. To receive a free no obligation quotation for this or any of the systems available, please do not hesitate to contact us, we look forward to hearing from you soon.

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