Date: Sun 14th Jul 2024

Satellite TV over smart devices.


SAT>IP is a new method of distributing satellite TV from your dish to TVs and handheld devices around your home, which uses an existing wired or wireless home network instead of the normal coax cables.
Signals from a satellite dish are converted by the SAT>IP server into a high quality streamed format, which shares the network with your normal computer and internet data.

You can watch live SAT>IP programmes on a PC, laptop, tablet, smart phone, or smart TV connected to the network using just a software app, with no extra equipment (a SAT>IP media player is used for viewing on an unconnected TV).

More flexible than a normal satellite TV system, SAT>IP is also easier to install:

    *Live satellite TV all around the home
   *Uses existing home network
    *TV available on wireless devices
    *Independent access for each device
    *Top quality pictures and sound

Wherever your home network goes, SAT>IP goes too. All internet connections including Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and Powerline can be used by SAT>IP so you can take satellite TV on a tablet from room to room, or even watch in your garden.

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